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Welcome to Our Clinton WHC Office

What Our Patients Say?

Industrial Rehab and Aquatic Therapy Center

Our Clinton Work Hardening Center has developed a return to work program individualized for each injured worker’s specific needs. This targeted return to work program effectively decreases rehab cost by reducing the injured workers time off from work while educating to prevent re-injury. We work with physicians and case managers to get medical reports and authorizations in a timely manner. Our physical and occupational therapists have collaborated with knowledgeable physicians with expertise in work injuries to develop a comprehensive return to work program (called Injury 2 Work!). Our return to work program includes educating the injured worker on proper body mechanics, injury prevention and work pacing as well as wellness education.

FCE’s (Functional Capacity Evaluations)

Our FCE’s (Functional Capacity Evaluations), performed by our physical therapists, give us a comprehensive look at the injured workers abilities and deficits. We not only test for current job related tasks but also test for a variety of other tasks to see the injured worker’s abilities and deficits. After reviewing the FCE and the job requirements, our therapists then design an individualized, goal and job-specific treatment plan to effectively address the deficits noted in the FCE while simulating work task requirements.

Work-Conditioning Program

Our work-conditioning program helps restore strength, endurance and tolerance needed to perform work-related tasks and requires the injured worker to come between 3-5 days per week. Based on each injured worker’s needs and specific job demands, our therapists outline a customized program that addresses the deficits and limitations of the injured worker. Our in-house pool provides our therapists with an additional means to challenge the worker and build endurance for a quicker progression back to work. Our work-conditioning program offers a good transition between physical therapy and work hardening or returning to work.

Work-Hardening Program

Our goal-oriented work-hardening program is designed to safely transition the injured worker from physical therapy or work conditioning back to work by using real and simulated work activities. The injured worker will attend work-hardening 5 days a week to mimic a normal work schedule. Our work-hardening program is designed to restore the injured worker’s strength, mobility and endurance and prepare them to resume normal work duties or reach their maximum work potential. Our licensed physical therapists create an individualized rehab program catering to the injured workers job requirements and remaining deficits making for a very targeted, cost-effective recovery.

Re-injury Prevention Program

Our injury prevention program is designed to prevent re-injury when the worker goes back to work by educating the patient on safety techniques, proper body mechanics, posture, and education on the benefits of returning to their prior level of functioning and work.

In-house Aquatic Therapy

To expedite the injured worker’s return to work, Clinton Work Rehab is equipped with a state of the art heated aquatic facility along with separate locker rooms for women and men. These locker rooms have showers with a comfortable changing area to allow the injured worker to transition between land and aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy has many benefits such as providing resistance for strength training without stressing the joints, loosening and relaxing muscles with the warmth of the water and increasing blood flow which will decrease healing time and aid in recovery.

Physical Therapy

Getting the injured worker into physical therapy right after a work injury can decrease the duration of the injured worker's time off from work. At Active, we get the injured worker in within 24 hours for a detailed evaluation by our licensed physical therapist that includes range of motion, strength, posture, body mechanics and any other deficits that might impact the rehab journey. The therapist will then customize a goal-oriented plan of care that includes an individualized progressive rehab program, patient education about the injury and re-injury prevention based on the evaluation findings and the return to work goals. Our goal is to get the patient back to work safely in an efficient manner.


Insurances Accepted

We currently accept the following insurance programs. If you do not see your insurance company on the list, please contact us directly.
  • Anthem (HMO/ PPO)
  • Aetna (HMO/ PPO)
  • Any PPO Plan
  • Blue Choice HMO, Open Access
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (All Plans)
  • CareFirst (HMO/ PPO)
  • CIGNA (HMO, PPO, Network Access, OAP, POS, CGHB, IFP)
  • Department of Labor
  • MEDICARE (Following Clinics Only)
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  • - Cambridge
  • - Clinton
  • - College Park
  • - Columbia
  • - Frederick
  • - Hagerstown
  • - La Plata
  • - Laurel
  • - Prince Frederick
  • - Rockville
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  • - Salisbury
  • - Silver Spring/ Layhill Road
  • - Westminster
  • Any Auto Injury/ Attorney Assignments
  • United Health Care/ MDIPA/ MAMSI (All Plans)
  • Veterans Affairs Community Care Network/ VA CCN
  • Worker's Compensation (All Insurances)