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Physical Therapy Treatment for the Patients’ with Hand Arthritis

Your hands help you in cooking, cleaning, brushing, typing and in every type of daily routine activities that you perform. But you do not notice the importance of hands unless some impairment or deformity makes it difficult for you to use your hands. Hand Arthritis is one such pathology that attacks or affects your hands or finger joints.


How can Physical Therapy help the patients with Hand Arthritis?

Appropriate exercises suggested by the efficient Physical Therapists can relieve you from the pain, stiffness or inflammation of joints caused due to arthritis, moreover, these exercises also help you to get back into motion as well. Depending upon your condition and findings of your evaluations; a specific and customized treatment plan is developed. These exercises and modalities help to enhance the range of motion of the joints and as well lengthen the tendons or muscles through stretching. Following exercises are suggested by the physical therapists to relieve your inflamed or painful joints:

  • Therapists may suggest specific range of motion exercises which will help you to relieve stiffness and also help to improvise and maintain joint mobility and flexibility.
  • Strengthening exercises aimed at enhancing the muscle strength and alleviating weakness may be suggested.
  • Isometric exercises may be suggested to tighten and strengthen the muscles without moving joints and are most helpful with painful joints
  • Isotonic exercises, where muscles are strengthened by moving weight, may be suggested
  • Wrist extension and flexion, wrist pronation, wrist ulnar/radial deviation, thumb flexion or extension and hand or finger tendon glide are some of the range of motion techniques; that may be recommended to make your hands’ and fingers’ joints move without pain
  • Thermal modalities like; applying heating or ice packs may be suggested to relieve pain
  • Therapist may suggest and educate you to make use of certain assistive devices that would help you to perform your routine tasks at home and work easily and without feeling any pain
  • Therapists may also educate you regarding postural and activity modifications in order to relieve discomfort and to improvise your performance as well
  • Therapists may provide you guidance to use techniques which minimize the joint strain
  • Therapists may suggest exercises that strengthen the muscles around the joints and as well build greater endurance

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