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Common Neck and Back pain problems:

Neck and back pain can be caused by a variety of problems. Some people may have certain genetic conditions, such as scoliosis or arthritis, that contribute to the pain. Other patients may develop conditions such as Facet syndrome, myofascial pain, disc degeneration, degenerative disc disease, headache, SI joint disease, or muscle or joint strains. Additionally, some back and neck pain can also be caused by surgery or pregnancy.

Treatment: Physical therapy is often used to reduce pain and swelling, restore flexibility and range of motion, and strengthen the muscles of the back and neck. In many cases, it can ease the symptoms and also help in a quick recovery of the back or neck.

One way to accomplish this is through manual therapy. This is a technique in which the physical therapist manually adjusts and massages your back and neck, applying pressure to the soft tissues and bones. Cervical and lumbar exercise therapy is also another way doctors recommend certain exercises to strengthen and stabilize your back. Certain modalities, such as heart, ice, and electrical stimulation, may also be used to reduce symptoms and help your muscles relax during your exercise.

Prevention: One of the best ways to prevent back and neck pain is to educate yourself on proper posture, ergonomic principles, stretching and strengthening. For example, it is very important to always keep your chest out, chin in, and stomach tight in order to use your postural muscles to support your spine. Use neutral positions when sleeping, drive with your head against the headrest, avoid reading in bed, and use a screen at eye level when using a computer. Whenever you have to bend over, always use a half kneeling position to avoid putting too much pressure on your back.

If you notice the onset of back or neck pain, always see a physical therapist right away so they can treat the problem before it gets worse.

Neck and back pain can limit your life and prevent you from doing what you love. By choosing Active Physical Therapy to rehabilitate your neck and back, our experts, certified therapists and team can relieve patients’ suffering and help them return to full mobility. Active Physical Therapy provides over 26 physical therapy locations throughout the Maryland, Baltimore, Washington DC, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County. 

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