• Joane Luna. PTA

    Joane studied at Howard Community College and graduated from the PTA program in 2017. Since Joane is in a family of nurses, she initially decided to study nursing and followed her passion for physical Therapy. She loves the atmosphere and spending the one and one time with patients. The best part is the flexibility, as well as being creative with the exercises. She will be pursuing her my certification in pilates. In her spare time, she loves to write stories, spend time with friends and family, hiking, and sleep.

  • Belinda Miranda, DPT

    Belinda has been working with Active Physical Therapy since 2016. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree from Touro University, New York and is expected to graduate in the Fall of 2019. She has obtained a Master’s degree in 2016 from Loma Linda University, California. Prior to this, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Father Mullers Medical College. She has had exposure in an outpatient setting for 4 years and has treated a wide range of orthopedic and post-surgical conditions along with sports related injuries. She has assisted in conducting 3 research studies during her Masters degrees. She is compassionate and committed to providing high quality and effective patient care. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, travelling and reading.